My Media Use

I decided to track my media usage on a special day — my birthday! I was born 25 years ago on January 14, and I figured why not track my usage on a day that I’ll probably be on my phone the most?

8am – I allowed myself to sleep in a little later than I normally do. I woke up to several notifications from different apps, mostly relating to birthday wishes. I responded to some text messages, then opened up the email app to check for important stuff. A free dozen from Krispy Kreme and a free drink from Dutch Bros? I think those are pretty important emails if you’d ask me.

9am – after my morning routine, I ate breakfast while watching an episode of The Walking Dead – a Netflix show I’m currently bindgewatching.

10am – I recently got a Nintendo Switch, so I’ve been pretty obsessed with it if I’m being honest. I played Animal Crossing, which I try to do every day since there’s daily activities and chores to do on there.

11am – I opened my Spotify app to listen to music while I got ready for the day. Who can go a day without listening to music? Definitely not me. This continued on into the car, as I was on my way to get my birthday “freebies” and run some errands. I also listened to some local radio stations at times. I wasn’t the one driving, so I had time to be on my phone where I scrolled on social media for a few minutes.

3pm – after getting back home, I answered some FaceTime and phone calls. I then used Safari search engine and the maps app to find some bars to go to after dinner. I also read some news articles on CNN, after receiving notifications from the app.

6pm – I listened to more music on the radio as I was on my way to dinner downtown. The restaurant I planned to eat at had a wait time of over two hours – crazy right? I used my phone to look up other locations nearby to eat at, and eventually sat down at a sushi restaurant. Nowadays, we tend to see restaurants placing a “QR code” on tables which guests can scan using their phones to see a digital version of their menu, which I had to do.

11pm – I winded down for the night, and ended up watching another episode of The Walking Dead on my TV, before falling asleep.

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