Sedona Day Trip

Hi! My friends and I decided to plan a day trip to Sedona — about 45 minutes to an hour from where we live in Flagstaff. Today was a celebration of my friend Kailey — who is the girl in the pink dress in this video. Her birthday was two weeks ago, but she spent her actual birthday in California with childhood friends, so we couldn’t be with her then.

I decided to do kind of like a “day in the life of” video, where I bring you along with me throughout the day by recording videos of everything I’ve done or experienced.

I started out my day making coffee and ordering breakfast. I took my dogs on a walk, and came back home to get ready for the day trip! We headed to a winery in Page Springs first, where we tried a bunch of different types of wine, had a charcuterie board and roamed around the vineyard while taking photos along the way – a lot of them. The staff were so friendly and knowledgeable — feel free to check out the Page Spring Cellars website! We ended the night by grabbing dinner at a place called “Javelina Cantina” in Sedona. I ordered the steak fajitas and it was SO good.

This video shows most my day out of town, and I added some music to tie it all together! I will probably add some narration in the near future and also add some details about the trip like exact locations and times, so stay tuned!

In this video are myself and my friends Kailey, Alana, Audrey, Wilbur & Conor

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