About Chelsea

Aloha! I’m Chelsea!

I was born on O’ahu and moved to Hilo, a small city on the Big Island of Hawai’i when I was just six months old. I grew up in Hilo and it’s all I knew until I moved to Arizona for college. I’ve grown to appreciate the place I call home more and more with each day that I’m away. I miss the culture. I miss the food. I miss island life, even though “island fever” is what drove me to move to a different state in the first place.

There are eight main islands that make up Hawai’i, but I’m most familiar with the Big Island. Another name for it is Moku o Keawe (Island of Keawe) in honor of the islands’ 17th century king Keawe‘īkekahiali‘iokamoku. I know, hard to pronounce unless you are familiar with the Hawaiian Language.

If you’ve ever vacationed in Hawai’i, you know that a trip to the beach is a must. But there’s a bunch of other things to do where I’m from, and I’d love to share with you some of those things. I’ll be writing about my favorite places to go to, places to eat, and things to do — not just in Hilo, but around the island. I currently live in Arizona and love to explore new cities, so I’ll also be posting about the places I’m traveling to!